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How to make soap - fun beginners guide and recipe

Let's face it - starting anything new is daunting for most people. But at The Soap Foundry we've already done the 'daunting' bit so you don't have to!

Just follow these easy steps in our beginners guide to soap making and you could find yourself adding 'soap making super hero' to the list of life achievements! Plus - we've even bundled the soap making ingredients for you so you can just get going....

So - let's begin!



Ideal for people working in the outdoors, in trades, in hospitality; or simply for those who suffer with very dry, callused and heavily stained hands!

This soap is a wonder cure for anyone who needs an exfoiliating soap for their hands and body. It is soothing, and if used with the 3 butter melt & pour base can be packed with moisture. And with 7 melt & pour base combinations to choose from there's something for everybody!

The coconut oil in the Palm Free Eco Soap Making Base is easily absorbed and great for skincare routines, whereas the cucumber oil and Aloe leaf in the Carrot, Cucumber and Aloe Soap Making Base will leave your hands feeling supple and soothed from itrritation and calluses; all whilst removing heavy dirt and grime such as oil stains, dirt and grass and leaving your skin smelling scrumptious at the same time!

So if you or anyone in your family works as a gardener, farmer, brewer, baker, builder, mechanic, park ranger or game keeper; - this is the soap for you!



You will need

  • 500G of Melt & Pour Base

  • 2G Essential Oils per 500G soap

  • 50G Fine pumice powder

  • 20G Kaolin clay

  • 10G Liquid glycerin

  • 4 Dried lemon slices


  • Heatproof jug

  • Silicon/Wooden Spatula

  • Mixing Bowl

  • 4 Cavity Mold

  • Cooking Thermometer


1. Place your chosen base in a microwavable container. Microwave on high for two minutes and in 30 seconds until melted completely.

2. While the soap base melts, combine the clay and the glycerin in the mini jug and mix until they form a thin, smooth paste. Get all the lumps out.

3. Once the soap base is fully melted, pour the melted soap into the mini jug (half fill) to combine the clay mixture with the base. Quickly pour this mixture back into the soap base and mix until blended.

4. Add the pumice powder to the soap base and mix until combined.

5. Add fragrance if using and mix to combine. Continue to mix until the base cools to around 55-60°C.

6. When the base reaches the correct temperature, pour the mixture into a mold sprayed with alcohol spray (isopropyl alcohol). Mist the surface with alcohol spray to pop surface bubbles.

7. Place a slice of dried lemon on the surface of each mold cavity and press down slightly. Allow to set overnight.

TAH DAH! Your Gardeners Soap is now ready to use - Enjoy!​


Don't forget - we have measured & prepped everything you need to make this soap too, and it's only £22!


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