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New Soap Recipe - Autumn Spice

Autumn Spice & Sweet Orange Natural Liquid Soap

Ok so, it's definitely Autumn now folks and soon it will be Winter - but as the nights get darker and the winds pick up, it's a perfect excuse to get those cosy Autmun/Winter vibes going in your home!

As well as the usual scented candles and log fire combo, why not try your hand at making a Winter warming soap for your home too? You can put it in the guest cloakroom and when people visit and 'ooh and ah' over the delicious scent, you can tell them that you were the superstar soap maker that created it - genius!

This autumn spiced sweet orange soap recipe is a really easy soap making recipe and can be made organic if you wish.

A tip from Stephensons: If your soap base starts to look a little hazy, keep mixing it and then leave the mixture overnight, as most of the haziness will clear up.



Gently warm the liquid soap base to 40°C. Pour into a beaker and turn on a stirrer on slow.


Add up to 0.5% fragrance oil and allow to mix in until homogenous. Then add salt solution in small increments until the mixture reaches your desired thickness.


Add a few drops of liquid colour (we chose orange for a leafy golden colour!)


Once mixed thoroughly, pour the handwash into the clean dispenser and screw on the lid.

Here's the video from Stephenson if you'd rather watch whilst you're creating!


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