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A Wintery Beginning...

The Foundry was born in a wintery valley in the Lake District in 2017. My contract had ended & I didn't want to leave this wild and windy place so I sold everything I didn't need so I could buy my first 25kg of SLS Free melt & pour soap. When the summer season & a new contract rolled around again I couldn't stop. I was busy enough. So I worked both jobs for 18 months.

I'm a really small business. To put it into perspective, if you were sitting in the front row of a cinema and you turned around because you could hear someone munching on popcorn just loud enough to be annoying, in the darkness you'd juuust make out this lady in the back row waving her arms about, chewing and muttering something inaudible, something about soap & margins. That'd be me.


Being small is really hard work & I'm not going to bore you with why. If I didn't love it I couldn't make it work & without you I wouldn't be here. When people talk about blood, sweat and tears when it comes to getting a small business off the ground they really mean it.

Still, it was all worth it.

I'm now all yours, full time :)

Our Ethos

Our goal is to supply products without any derivatives of palm or palm oil, however this is not always possible. Our partners are committed to using sustainable, ethical certified RSPO wherever possible.

Most of our products are SLS free & A good chunk are completely free from any sulphates and synthetic surfactants and include an ingredient checker on each listing.

Where we do not believe in replacing all our packaging with cardboard and paper, we recycle & re-use any packaging that is sent our way. Our carbon neutral sugarcane mailers are fully recyclable and we will try and accomodate if you absolutely will not budge (although don't get grumpy if we refuse to send our shea butter in a paper bag in summer because that's just silly)

The Soap Foundry strives to provide you with skin friendly ingredients & products that are better for the environment.

We supply beginners through to artisan crafters.  Specialising in Stephenson melt & pour bases we can provide you everything you need to make science free, tailor made soap. 

So what makes us different?

We're the smallest independent business in the UK to be made an official stockist of Stephenson bases.


Our business is run from a modestly sized workshop so we understand that space can be an issue, especially at the moment with a lot of us having to work from home so we supply our bases chopped up and ready to use. Open the resealable bag, weigh out what you need, zip it back up.
No knives, no mess, no extra space needed & no boring prep time.


 You'll add soap making superhero to your repertoire before you know it!

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