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    You will need

  • 500G of Melt & Pour Base

  • 2G Essential Oils per 500G soap

  • 50G Fine pumice powder

  • 20G Kaolin clay

  • 10G Liquid glycerin

  • 4 Dried lemon slices

    Ideal for gardeners, Car mechanics
    Bike mechanics


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    1. Place your chosen base in a microwavable container. Microwave on high for two minutes and in 30 seconds until melted completely.

    2. While the soap base melts, combine the clay and the glycerin in the mini jug and mix until they form a thin, smooth paste. Get all the lumps out.

    3. Once the soap base is fully melted, pour the melted soap into the mini jug (half fill) to combine the clay mixture with the base. Quickly pour this mixture back into the soap base and mix until blended.

    4. Add the pumice powder to the soap base and mix until combined.

    5. Add fragrance if using and mix to combine. Continue to mix until the base cools to around 55-60°C. 

    6. When the base reaches the correct temperature, pour the mixture into a mold sprayed with alcohol spray (isopropyl alcohol). Mist the surface with alcohol spray to pop surface bubbles.

    7. Place a slice of dried lemon on the surface of each mold cavity and press down slightly. Allow to set overnight.

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    A naturally gentle soap using turmeric for colour and Patchouli & Sweet Orange Essential Oils to create an uplifting scent for everyone to use.

           You will need:

    • 500g Melt & Pour Soap Base

    • 2ml Essential Oil per 200G Soap

    • Turmeric 

    • Glycerin/Alcohol/Shea Butter

    • Calendula Petals(optional)


    • Heatproof jug

    • Spatula for mixing

    • 4 Cavity Soap Mold

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    Chop the correct weight of soap base for the amount of bars you want to make into small, uniform cubes. Place the soap into a large heat-safe container and melt in the microwave using 30 second bursts, stirring in between.

    While the soap is in the microwave mix turmeric powder with small amount of glycerin/isopropyl alcohol or a little melted shea butter. Making a paste helps the turmeric disperse throughout the melted soap base without any lumps.

    Once the soap is melted, add all the dispersed turmeric powder and the Orange & Patchouli or essential oil of your choosing mixing thoroughly but slowly with a spatula. You can add calendula petals now or sprinkle on top. Spray the mold with alcohol and pour the soap into each cavity of the mold. After each pour, spray the top of the bars with a little Bubble Buster (isopropyl alcohol) to get rid of bubbles.

    Allow the soap to fully cool & harden. Remove from the mold and enjoy! Wrap the soap to prevent glycerin dew.

    We have measured and prepped everything you need to make this soap >>>>>


            You will need:

    • Any of the above.

    • 100g Suspending base per single mold (you can use
      a standard base for the loofah)

    • 2% Essential Oil (optional)

    • Bubble Buster for bubbles
      and mixing.


    • Heat proof jug or
      double boiler

    • Spatulas for mixing

    • Molds

    Exfoliating soap bars made with natural exfoliating seeds, pumice, salts and loofah

    exfoliating soap bars, exfoliating soap recipe, homemade soap recipes from The Soap Foundry
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