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Handmade Soap - Create something they'll love this Mother's Day

In this month's blog we're talking all about Melt and Pour Soap Bases ....why? Because as a Nation we are getting braver, craftier (as in, we like craft making not that we're getting more sneaky!) and as it's nearly Mother's Day, what better gift to give her for Mother's Day 2022 than a gift made with love - a gift made with your own fair hands and a gift that will last for weeks or months?!

Soap making at home is a very popular hobby for many at the moment, but if you're new to soap making then don't fret - The Soap Foundry is here to give you all the advice, tools and ingredients you need to become a soap making hero!

You can choose from our eco friendly homemade soap recipes or, if you're new to using a melt and pour soap base; we have a great beginners guide to soap making for you to follow to make your own melt and pour soap in the comfort of your home!

So without further ado, let's take a look at our top 3 melt and pour soap bases to use if you're thinking of creating homemade soap for Mother's Day.

the soap foundry triple butter luxury melt pour soap making base

First up it's the Triple Butter Luxury Melt & Pour Soap Making Base, made using premium luxurious Butters. A blend of Shea, Cocoa & Mango Butter makes this base packed out with nourishing fatty acids that soften and cleanse the skin.

the soap foundry swirling base zeniswirl white melt pour soap making base

Or, why not try our Zeniswirl White Melt & Pour Soap Making Base, a creamy SLS free Swirling Melt & Pour Soap making base which is vegetable derived; and due to its fabulous viscosity can be used to create intricate patterns using many different kinds of swirling techniques. Don't worry if you're unsure about this one - there are so many swirling tutorials on Youtube you won't know where to start!

And last but not least, our soothing Carrot, Cucumber & Aloe Melt and Pour Soap Making Base is a Crystal CCA soap base manufactured by Stephenson’s soap bases, that really takes creative chemistry to the next level. Crystal CCA is a vegetable derived base rich in Omega-6 fatty acids, beta-carotene, Vitamins E, B1, C, and ProVitamin A. This clever combination of ingredients combines an excellent skin feel, antioxidant properties, and soothing Aloe Vera to create a soap base that is just plain great for the skin!

So that's almost it for this post - and don't forget not only can you buy soap making ingredients online from us, you can also get all of your soap making tools in The Soap Foundry online shop too! We hope you enjoy making soap for Mum - remember the bonus is that all of our melt and pour soap bases are Free from SLS/SLES (sulphates), Parabens, Preservatives and PEG. so Mum's soap will be eco friendly too!

Happy Soap Making!
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