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Our best selling product of 2023 was our Whipped Soap.
We've extended our range to celebrate



At The Soap Foundry, we understand what it's like to be starting out on your soap making journey - because a few years ago, that was us!

That's why we've used our expertise to put togther the best ingredients and combinations in our soap making bundles to help those who consider themselves beginners.

There's more good news if you're still unsure or shopping on a budget; unlike many other soap making retailers, at The Soap Foundry we sell our soap making products and ingredients in bite-sized chunks, so you can have a dabble and experiment without breaking the bank.

When you're sure that your soap making skills pass the friends and family test, we have a wide range of melt and pour bases, pure essential oils and soap pigments to keep your creative-soap-making-juices flowing, as well as some easy to follow soap making recipes. You'll be adding soap making to your already superhero status before you know it!


But don't worry if you're already an expert - we work alongside some of the top suppliers and manufacturers in the UK and abroad, including Stephenson Bases and Zenicolor, to ensure there's not only a wide range of soap making products to choose from, but also expert knowledge and guidance from master creators. 


 So what are you waiting for?? Get busy squirreling away on new creative soap designs that you can make at home and call your own!

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