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Something a little different for Fathers Day

Not long to go now people - have you got him something special yet?!

That's right, it's almost upon us; Fathers Day 2021, and at The Soap Foundry we can help you to treat the man in your life at the same time as treating yourself - but with something a bit more interesting than the norm.

For Fathers Day this year, we have put together a few of our eco products from The Soap Foundry online shop, to give you lovely folks a few Fathers Day Gift Ideas.

Our online shop is filled with natural bath and body goodness, and you'll find some quirky eco friendly bathroom products in our shop that you won't find anywhere else. Read on below if you're looking for the best Fathers Day Gifts...

First up, we have our Afternoon Tea Zero Waste Gift Set for just £22 - with this mens gift set not only do you get a choice of wash bag colours but you can also let us know if his skin is sensitive (or not) so we can cater for him correctly.

Featuring gorgeous luxury products, including a Scrubber Deodorant, Coconut & Olive Oil Exfoliating soap bar and Mini Bath Bombs, you can guarantee he'll leave the bathroom smelling so fresh and so clean! And so happy!

Or - if you're searching for bespoke Fathers Day gift ideas how about our Bamboo toothbrushes with a twist for only £6?!! Each pattern is unique and one of a kind created by using an acrylic paint pouring technique that relies on paint density to produce colour cells. Yeah that's right - you're not just paying for a toothbrush you're paying for science and physics and art and stuff! So whether you're looking for a gift for your dad, grandad, or a Father's Day present for your hubby (from the kids of course!) our natural bamboo toothbrushes are suitable for all of the men in your life.

From Shampoo Bars, to African Black Soap and Natural Deodrants, we have it all at The Soap Foundry - products to suit all budgets and tastes. And if you feel like being a Basic B**ch then get him something he'll use everyday but still feel special using it - like our Basic B**ch Soap Set for just £8.95. Not only do you get to choose from a wide variety of scents like Coconut or Donkey Milk (trust me, it's brilliant), but you can even choose the design of the soap dish itself! You're very welcome by the way.

Speaking of natural deodrants - we've got a bundle of them in our online bath and beauty store! We like the Grapefruit and Mandarin Deodrant Stick because it's citrusy - like loads of other bathroom products - which makes us think about 'clean things'...! But we also love the Patchouli and Mango Deodrant Stick because it'll make him smell like he's just stepped out of the ocean on a tropical island somewhere... dripping with ocean spray... and looking like *insert celebrity crush here*...

Ok, enough of that. Basically, if you're looking for the perfect Father's Day Gift this year head over to our online store now to bag an eco friendly gift, delivered to your doorstep and ready to brighten his day - hurry while stocks last!


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