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Being Bah Humbug - Scaling down your spending this Xmas can mean more meaningful presents.

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Before The Soap Foundry was born the gift of Bath Bombs at any time of year made it feel like Christmas. Day.

Every year for the past 25 years I have given my daughter a Bath Bomb on Christmas day and now she's older we exchange Bath Bombs. She now gives her daughter a Bath Bomb and my youngest daughter has also become a part of this tradition.

As Christmas fast approaches we won't be dressing up the site for sales as this year is going to be financially very difficult for many and that's why this year our family tradition will be so much more important and that's also why I wanted to share it with you.

Maybe you could start a tradition with your family that's less opulent this Christmas by challenging them to choose a Bath Bomb to gift that best matches the recipients personality, last year I got the Ice Queen Bath Bomb! :)

Maybe you have a family member that's away with the faeries in a perpetual Magical Fun Land!

Or maybe your little one is a little sprinkling of Unicorn Sparkle!

We have mini shot bombs that weigh 24g, bombs that weigh 120g and jumbo bombs that weigh 180g, we even have a selection box AKA an advent calendar which we absolutely love as an alternative to chocolates and is sure to get any adult or child into the bath. You can browse the whole range here!

Because of our family tradition, every incoming order for Bath Bombs makes us feel like we are wrapping a gift, it's very joyous. We hope that you will join our family tradition and save some pennies this Xmas. Lots of love.


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