Zenicolour 5 - Melt & Pour Colouring System.


Create any colour from 5 tubes of pigment paste using a handy card (provided) and the Zeni colour guide, click link below.


                           <<<<<<ZENICOLOR GUIDE>>>>>>


Perfect for Transparent & Opaque soap bases a little goes a long way and the pigments are non bleed.


Zenicolor 5 can be used to achieve pastels in opaque bases and strong transparent shades in transparent/translucent bases. 


When using an opaque base it is recommended to mix a clear and opque base at a rate of 50/50 to dilute the titanium dioxide to acheive a better uptake of colour.


Each of the 5 tubes contains 30g of coloured paste which is sufficient to colour between 12Kg and 20Kg of soap base.



Zenicolor 5 - Colouring System Designed for Melt & Pour