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Titanim Dioxide Suspension - Ready to use.


Ever had 200g of clear soap base left over and really need some white opaque base instead? Titanium Dioxide is used to whiten all opaque bases, it's safe, cost effective and convenient and will whiten that 200g  5 times over. 


Each 10ml bottle carries 2 grams of titanium dioxide that easily whitens 1KG of clear soap base.


Titanium dioxide can be used in conjunction with Zeni Pigments to acheive pastels and solid opaque bold colour like the pictures above. There are 12 colours in the Zeni Solo range and this little bottle turns that 12 into 36! 


If you would like to experiment you can buy the full range of colours in sample sizes.


 12 colours in 2g sachets. 2g is enough to strongly colour 400g of clear soap base or 2KG for weaker shades. Add  titanium dioxide and you get pastels!




Used with Activated charcoal or Zeni "Space"/Black it will produce different shades of grey dependant on amount used.


Can also be used with Zenicolor 5 or Zenicolour Pro.


2g Titanium Dioxide in Vegetable glycerin.


Titanium Dioxide Suspension 10ml

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