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We are always on the lookout for alternative products that make more sense to our environment. While we look for those products we also keep in mind to tick as many boxes for our customers too.

We want to sell ingredients that everyone can use, our seed range provides an alternative to nut & nut shells and being a by product of the jam & juice making world would otherwise have gone to waste!


Perfect for soaps and scrubs these alternatives deliver different levels of exfoliation without having to worry about allergies often associated with ground nuts and shells. If you have a face wash you already love, just add a small amount and buff away!


Raspberry Seeds are a great addition to soaps, body scrubs & facial scrubs for a natural exfoliation. It’s gentler than ground shells, stones or salts and offers a light scent that won’t interrupt any added fragrance or oils.

Raspberry Seeds Optional Suspending Base

  • Our exfoliant/ scrub range is pretty unique, we try & recycle as many of the by-products in the production of our oil. In this case, we are using rsapberr seed rescued from the jam and juice industry to bring you a highly functional natural exfoliant solution. The seeds are pressed for oil before being eradiated so they don't start sprouting in shower trap!

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