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Essential Oil therapy is the use of plant based extracts to evoke feelings of well being through smell. We all know that particular scents can set off powerful feelings associated with memory. 


It is thought that essential oils may activate certain areas of your brain, like your limbic system, which plays a role in your emotions. They could also have an impact on your hypothalamus, which may respond to the oil by creating feel-good brain chemicals like serotonin so wearing your chosen essential oil could be beneficial as well as looking stunning.


These lockets are 30mm wide and made from stainless steel. They are magnetic as well as hinged with a recess for felt pads that we can provide pre loaded with your fave essential oil or you can choose to recieve 5 pads to scent yourself.


They are strung onto a nickel free stainless steel ball chain that comes in 3 lengths. They also come in a presentation box.


 Just let us know if you would like short, medium or long.


The oldest known depictions of the Flower of Life were found in the Temple of Osiris in Egypt and date back to at least 6 000 years ago.


Sacred geometric art is found in all religions and cultures all over the world and more recently in the new age movement it has been used for meditation and focul exercise. 

Flower of Life - Lotus - Aromatherapy/Stash Locket

£14.95 Regular Price
£11.95Sale Price
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