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Perfect for soaps and scrubs these alternatives deliver different levels of cleansing without having to worry about allergies often associated with ground nuts and shells.

If you have a face wash you already love, just add a small amount and buff away!


Pumice powder is a volcanic ash which is formed when lava is permeated with gas bubbles during the solidification process. Due to lava having similar properties and chemical make-up as glass, pumice is very abrasive but, do not worry, it is unlike glass in that it is very soft. Pumice powder acts as a gentle exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, clean pores, and restores skin vibrancy. It is a solution to exfoliation without the use of harsh chemicals. 


Fine Ground Pumice Stone: Ground pumice powder is a fantastic addition to soaps and scrubs. It works as a fine but firm polish, giving a lovely, cleansing effect to your products. 


Using your pumice in soap??? Ever made a bar using an exfoliant? Did it all sink to the bottom? Wanna know how to fix that?


Use a suspending base!


Stephenson Suspending Base (Clear) or Zeni Swirl Base (White) will suspend the particles evenly throughout the soap. Who knew!!!! Also 40g of exfoliants are enough to make a whole loaf of very scrubby soap so we've added an option to all our seed packs for both these bases for just £6! 


You know, because we're helpful like that. 


Why not try making your own gardeners soap like the one in the picture? 

We sell bundles of items including everything but the colour and fragrace and you can find them in the Bundles section.


You can find the recipe in the Recipes section.


Fine Ground Pumice Stone - Optional Suspending Soap Base

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