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Before we rebatch this raw ABS into a solid form it starts it's journey as the "BEFORE" image. This is what you are buying. Please see other listings for solid neat blocks with no imperfections.

African Black Soap, an ancient beauty secret has been fast rising in popularity due to it's simple ingredients.


Original ABS comes in many forms, dry and granular, tar or butter like, some like plasticine. I sell them all as it is a matter of personal preference and of course your skin type.


This African Black Soap is Vegan as well as Sulphate, Palm, Preservative, Fragrance,  MPG, PEG and Paraben free which covers all of your environmental and Skin friendly concerns.


African Black Soap is an unscented organic & uncoloured soap high in Vitamins A & E.  Suitable for those with eczema, uneven skin tone, pigmentation problems, oily skin, dryness and acne. 


This particular type of ABS has the consistence of fudge, very soft. Whereas our other ABS is pretty consistent in colour & texture this softer, lighter ABS can vary from batch to batch.


We cannot guarantee that this base in it's natural state is free of small pebbles or stones. When you buy this base you are agreeing that you understand this.



African Black Soap - Very Soft - Raw - Natural State

  • Made in GHANA this soap is made in the traditional way from potash derived from cocoa pods that naturally saponifies the oils which in this case are UNREFINED SHEA BUTTER and VIRGIN COCONUT OIL . No Palm here!


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