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Below is the Zenimixer virtual tool for Zenicolor 5 AND Zenicolor Solo.

The ZENIMIXER virtual tool can be used to define a proportion of basic ZENICOLORs to achieve the desired colours.


Please bear in mind that only the tone of colour can be defined by ZENIMIXER. The colour intensiveness can be found my by experimenting. The ZENIMIXER algorithm is based on mathematical modelling so the atual colours can differ.


Simply mix a desired colour byclicking and dragging the colour bars below, input the colour name and take a screenshot to add the colour to your gallery!

These non-bleeding colourants keep your soap looking bright and attractive right through to the last use. They do not contain any animal derived ingredients. Not tested on animals.

Zenimixer App

Zenicolor M&P Pro Colour Guide

Zenicolor M&P Pro uses 4 basic colours to create an array of colours and shades. Created for the professional Melt and Pour soap maker you can buy 100g - 1000g tubs.

Zenicolor guide
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