Ground Olive Stones make an excellent natural exfoliant which is suitable for many kinds of products. It ticks boxes for those who have nut allergies which may be a problem with alternative products such as ground nut shells or fruit kernels.


Using your ground olive stone in soap??? Ever made a bar using an exfoliant? Did it all sink to the bottom? Wanna know how to fix that?


Use a suspending base!


Stephenson Suspending Base (Clear) or Zeni Swirl Base (White) will suspend the particles evenly throughout the soap. Who knew!!!! Also 40g of exfoliants are enough to make a whole loaf of very scrubby soap so we've added an option to all our seed packs for both these bases for just £6! 


You know, because we're helpful like that. 

Ground olive Stone - Optional Suspending Soap Base